Pride Car

Pride Car Details

Pride car services have formally stopped. 

In order to protect employees from potentially contaminated household items during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pride Car operations were ceased. This was done because Pride Cars had to be hand-checked by employees to ensure compliance with program guidelines for proper use. Inspections were necessary to confirm no illicit or prohibited items were present in order to satisfy disposal requirements by the local landfill. If prohibited items were present, the landfill would not accept the Pride Car. This situation occurred regularly, which seriously undermined the usefulness of the program

Because of this, the Public Works Department formally shifted collection of brush and household junk via Pride Cars to pick-up on the bi-weekly scheduled brush and household junk route. The efficiencies and safety improvements gained by shifting collections has led the Department to maintain this service delivery change going forward. This allows the City to provide collection service with less equipment and staff, keeping costs low and making operations more economical for taxpayers.

For more information on brush and bulky junk collection, please visit the following pages HERE and HERE.