Grading Permit and Policy

Permit and Policy

Grading Permit Process

  • Have the necessary drawings/plans been submitted to the Public Works Department?
  • Have three (3) copies been received? (One (1) copy will be returned with the permit.)
  • Do the drawings/plans properly depict the proposed work?
  • Do the drawings/plans meet all the necessary requirements?
  • Has the applicant submitted the necessary Grading Permit Application?
  • Has the applicant paid the necessary application fees?
  • Does the applicant agree to comply with the City of Athens Erosion and Sedimentation Control Measures listed below?
  • Has the applicant or other responsible party contacted the Athens Utilities Board to discuss utility service and availability to this site? This permit does not address utility services.
  • Has the Public Works Director or his designee reviewed and approved the necessary submittals (application & drawings/plans)?
  • Once all the above conditions are met, the Public Works Department will issue a grading permit based on the City of Athens grading permit policy.

Responsible Economic Development

The intended purpose of this policy is to safeguard life, limb, property and public welfare by regulating clearing, earthwork, excavation, and other land disturbing activity and by requiring temporary and permanent provisions for it's control. It should be used as a planning and engineering implement to facilitate the necessary control of grading and earthwork.

This policy sets forth standards and rules for grading and earthwork and establishes the requirement of a formal permitting procedure. This policy applies to all areas within the City Limits and establishes administrative procedures for the issuance of permits and the enforcement thereof, requires the submission of necessary plans (Site or Conceptual Plans) for such work, and the observation & inspection of grading and/or earthwork operations.