Driveway Permit

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The driveway permit is included in the New Structure Application Packet provided by Community Development. The driveway permit and its pre-application are available separate, as well.

Additional Information

The driveway permit pre-application's purpose is to assist owners in minimizing the loss of soil, keeping it from crossing into adjoining properties, right of way, streets, or streams. It describes the minimum sediment and erosion control measures to be used during development. A few of these measures are:

  • seed or landscape areas that will be exposed for more than three months
  • construct and maintain a gravel construction entrance before and throughout construction
  • removed soil tracked into the road or sediment washed into drainage ditches at the end of each working day

Please see the application for the rest of the minimum required control measures.

The residential access (driveway) permit includes guidelines for driveway width, orientation, and drainage. Please read these guidelines before submitting an application.