Bike & Pedestrian Masterplan

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In 2020 Athens was awarded a Community Transportation Planning Grant from TDOT to help develop a comprehensive Community Mobility Plan. The primary goals of the plan included identifying city-wide transportation policy needs, and identifying focus areas throughout the City where more complex, and/or targeted improvements are needed to better service the transportation needs of our citizens and visitors now and into the future. The final plan was completed and adopted by Council in July 2021. The completed plan is available at the link in the sidebar to the left.

Athens has once again been awarded a Community Transportation Planning Grant from TDOT for 2022-2023, and is partnered with Stantec this time for a Bicycle & Pedestrian Masterplan. This plan will pick up where the Mobility Plan left off, by filling in the multi-modal detail gaps with targeted and tangible improvements and critical connections to enhance existing areas as well as propose potential areas for new sidewalks, trails, and greenways in the City. Whether on-foot or bike, the City is aiming to develop a comprehensive list of areas to target improvements, and implement them over the coming months and years.

This is where you come in. As part of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Masterplan, we need input from the community on areas where they, or someone they know, has identified a critical need (or has a bold idea for a new connection) that would make getting around Athens easier and safer. Below you'll find two items we need your help with: a quick survey and interactive map. The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and is focused on topics related to how you get around town when you aren't in your vehicle. (as well as providing areas for responses why you would, but maybe you don't) Additionally, the interactive map provides a resource for you to visually identify and label areas we need to improve. Open it up and label areas that we need to know about.

Please take the time to provide your valuable input, and share this page with others so your voices will be heard in prioritizing multi-modal improvements for the Friendly City for years to come.

Survey Link HERE

Interactive Map Link HERE