About Us

The Public Works department is composed of seven divisions, each of which is responsible for providing services or maintaining city infrastructure.


The Athens Public Works Department employs one full time staff person who performs administrative duties for the department. Whether those duties entail maintaining complex project files, responding to the needs of citizens or taking care of Public Works employees, the Administrative Assistant is an active and vital member of the Public Works team.

Streets Department

The Streets Division is divided into four sections: Street Construction, Street Maintenance, Street Cleaning, and Traffic Control. The members of these section crews work diligently to keep Athens streets in a safe driving condition. Here are four major problems that need to be reported if they are found:

Traffic Control

The Traffic Control division of Public Works maintains the safe and efficient flow of traffic through the City of Athens. They maintain traffic signals and all traffic signs, including regulatory signs like stop signs, warning signs, and street name signs. They also perform annual traffic counts and traffic studies.

Traffic Lights can cause a serious problem when not functioning correctly. If a light is out or flashing please report this to Public Works immediately.

Traffic Signs are a feature that safely control the flow of traffic. Sometimes these signs are obstructed, knocked down, twisted and even stolen. Signs that need to be repaired or replaced should be reported to Public Works as soon as possible.

Street Maintenance

Pot Holes can cause damage to vehicles. Pot Holes are easily repaired when reported.

Street Construction

View the annual paving plan

Street Cleaning

Drainage can be a major problem, especially during the rainy season. Clogged ditches, stormwater drainage pipes and catch basins can cause water to stand in the road. This is dangerous to motorists and should be reported when this problem is found.

Fleet Maintenance

The City of Athens vehicles continue to stay on the road due to the efforts of Fleet Maintenance. Fleet Maintenance maintains over 170 pieces of equipment and vehicles insuring optimal functionality and road worthiness. This is accomplished by routine maintenance, on-the-spot repairs, and preventive maintenance.


The services provided by the Sanitation division of Public Works are residential and commercial Garbage Collection and the Recycle Center. For detailed information about these services, see their specific pages.

Animal Shelter

The animal shelter is maintained in partnership with the McMinn Regional Humane Society.