Check out Athens unique trails

Whether for exercise, to capture nature's beauty, or to plan a family hike the Athens Trails have something for everyone.

You'll never know what you'll find...

Our trails are not just a path through nature. These trails have an educational purpose. Our Eagle Trail has a Blackberry Loop where hikers can find a tasty suprise on their hike. Our Wetlands trails have a large range of native flowers and grasses that change during the seasons.

Rural serentity not off the beaten path.

While our Regional Park is less than a mile away from I-75, you'll think you're in the wilderness. Our Regional Park trails allow hikers to go for a quick hike on their lunch hour with all the serenity of a remote hike.

Nature unincorporated

While some cities try to incorporate nature into their city, Athens Trails incorporates its facilities into nature. At the Wetlands trails you can see several incorporated elements encouraging you to sit and enjoy nature. The stone theater and pergola make for great places to sit and take in the world.

Which trails to choose

Read the descriptions below to find the trail you want to explore today.

  • Regional Park Trails

    The trails at Regional Park wind around the Lake, by the North Mouse Creek, and up into wooded areas. Some areas of the trail are paved and provide a nice area for wheelchairs and strollers, while other areas are intended for more natural trails. Click here to see more.

  • Eagle Trail

    The Eagle Trail was established on land that was unsuitable for economic development, but perfect for a diverse trail network. To learn more about the trails visit the companion website, or to get there now Click Here.

  • Wetlands Trail

    Built partially by volunteers and with state grants the Wetlands at E.G. Fisher Public Library offer a great trail where nature lovers can view biodiversity at its best. For information on flower identification check out the companion website for this trail. When you're ready to check ou the trail Click Here.

  • Eureka Trail

    The Eureka Trail will span almost 6 miles toward Englewood. This trails is mostly flat and offers a pleasent walk along an old abbandoned railroad line. Click Here if you are looking for the trails head.

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