Health Triangle

At the Eureka Trailhead we have our Health Triangle. This is a convenient section provides educational signs on how to stay fit and eat right. Novice walkers will find this flat section a great way to ease into exercise.

Trail Progress

The City of Athens and McMinn County purchased from CSX approximately 6 acres of land for the trail head and approximately 4.8 miles of rail from the trail head to Highway 39. The trail when complete will be approximately 7 miles long and will connect Athens to Englewood TN. The trail is being packed with small gravel to make it smooth enough for bicycles as well as boots.

Horse Friendly

Eureka Trail is the perfect place to bring your horse for a ride. The trail even has designated horse trailer parking to get you in an out as easy as possible. We do ask that your clean up after your horse and be good stewards of the trail.

Things to Find on Eureka Trail

Beautiful Foliage

Especially in the Fall and Spring, you can see brilliant displays of nature minutes away from downtown.

Two Wheelers

Bicycles are welcome sight on the trail, and can be a fun way to exercise.

Wonderful Wildlife

Beautiful birds and wonderful wildlife can be heard on the trail begging you to take our your earbuds.

A Map to Health

Whether it's the serenity of nature or loosing a few pounds, Eureka trail can help you find a better life.