Public Records Requests

The City of Athens is dedicated to providing public access of records to any citizen of Tennessee, while continuing to protect the integrity and organization of public records. Requests for these documents are often referred to as public records requests, open records requests or FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). (In Tennessee, these records are called public records requests.) Athens has a centralized approach to efficiently fulfill public records. The City of Athens utilizes the most “economical and efficient method of producing” those records.

Residents who wish to obtain copies of records will need to complete the Public Records Request Form and submit it to Leslie McKee our Records Custodian Coordinator. While residents who wish to view records are not required to complete a Public Records Request Form, we urge all requests be made using this form.


There is no charge to view records.
Copies of records will be subject to the following charges:

Print Type (8-1/2” x 11” or 8-1/2” x 14”)
Black and White Copy
$0.15 per page
Color Copy
$0.50 per page


If staff time exceeds the labor threshold of one (1) hour to produce the requested material, the requester is subject to be charged the hourly wage of the employee who is assisting with the record request beyond the first hour.

For information or questions regarding public records requests, please do not hesitate to contact Leslie McKee at (423) 744-2702 or email her at

Public Records Request Policies Public Records Request Form

Forms should be submitted to Leslie McKee either in person or by mail at 815 North Jackson Street, Athens, TN 37303 or by email at